“Sam Punzina’s work is, from a technical point of view, as dense as the glazes used and therefore has a tactile quality that makes it live on the border between painting and sculpture. The artist’s characteristic dripping emerges from the surface and reveals itself as thick matter, which however maintains an ethereal and poetic lightness. The tones, although intense, acidic and almost psychedelic, precipitate the viewer into a fairy-tale dimension; here Punzina’s automatic and instinctive writing creates biomorphic signs, which develop and compose according to architectures on the border between chaos and awareness. It evokes a bizarre nature which at the same time fascinates, reassures and restless, because it blooms in the form of the synthetic and the artificial”
Davide W. Pairone

“Bio-morphism is a prerogative of the work of Sam Punzina, an artist capable of evoking the magic of fairytales through landscapes of mellifluous colors, in which the images of animals, plants, insects and mushrooms are obtained through a sort of dense dripping of glazes.

The result are canvases sprinkled with sinuous and rounded shapes, soft like smash mellows and shiny like jellies, where the figure exfoliates, until it almost gets lost in a polymorphism very close to abstraction, but animated by a passionate and vital spirit.
Punzina not only reintegrates the value of the automatic gesture into the pictorial practice, re-reading the informal under the sign of a renewed spontaneity, but also creates an original space of action in that pop dimension that is on the border between figuration and de figuration, which promises to be the crossroads of the next artistic experiments.”
Ivan Quaroni, Ambiguous Painting, galleria Federica Ghizzoni, 2010

Sam Punzina inaugurates an innovative language in art, by reinventing themes and motifs with a unified style, with the aim to express and revitalize different aspects of reality.
Sam, an artist who reinterprets reality and with very high skills, weaves canvases on the human, through floating figures that take shape from countless bubbles.
Each of her works live a life of its own and is then completed in the others, lending itself to innumerable interpretations that go beyond the intentions of the author herself, by accentuating the pathos, the suspense, the involvement of the viewer who inevitably tends to grasp that unique present expressed in a particular story that speaks universally.
Faced with the not always decipherable intrigue of existence, Sam defeats that silence that often leaves room for nothing, with the strength of her polyform bubbles that emerge like sculptures from canvases to capture the soul of the beholder.

Through her metaphorical characters, she guides us in a fantastic world, leading us by hand into the fairy tale, in the dream and tries to shake the traditional ways of our thought in order to open it to new truths capable of restoring multiplicity to reality.
The almost diaristic note of the whole collection, in the duality between reality and imagination, in a challenge between virtual and real deviations, makes each work, the emerging peak of a reflection that invests the being in the world and the awareness of being there.
The whole work, articulating the understood and the misunderstood, becomes an authentic reproduction of our inner labyrinth to get lost in its meanders, in search of balance and reconciliation.

Thus, intense, acid and pure colors create the background with figures, flowers, polyform bubbles, nymphs, in a fairy-tale dimension, in which the chaos reigns fascinating and disturbing the viewer, which often finds himself immersed in a timeless time, in a present conjugated to the future or perhaps ……. in a future that wants to narrate millennia of past history, accentuating the becoming through the formula of changing bubbles.

Through the works of Sam Punzina, the viewer is immediately catapulted into a dreamlike, extravagant, but at the same time familiar and reassuring dimension. Totally absorbed by lavender, emerald green or cornflower blue skies, the observer’s curiosity is tickled by the most varied sensory stimuli. Color and warmth melt in Sam’s glazes to give light to an energetic and vitalistic universe, in which houses, sweets and flowers can be seen. In these joyful and welcoming spaces, even the most dangerous elements, both animals (wolves, jellyfish, bees) and plants (such as the very poisonous mushrooms Amanita muscaria), and symbolic (skulls) fall within the poetics of the artist devoted to light-heartedness , to sweetness and joie de vivre.

Samantha Punzina was born in Enna in 1980. She lives between Milano and Enna.


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