My idea of ​​photography is that I must first of all excite myself; indeed, when I take a shot and I like it, but I am not moved by it, I rather leave it on pause. I love to explore new creative paths and that can interact with photography, often giving life to shots where reality and the imaginary intertwine in a “magical” atmosphere. I am in love with my city and I like to photograph it rigorously in black and white; Milan always offers me new ideas, it is a city in constant evolution of which, through my shots, I try to grasp its essence. In my works people are often not the focus but actors lent to their context. My style of photography can tend to follow two conceptually opposite paths: a photo of me can be a “fleeting moment” where everything you see in the moment in which the photograph was shot was not the same a moment before and would have not been the same a moment later, on the other hand, I like to focus on a detail that struck me and I try to understand what the most exciting point of view of this detail is. Postproduction is another very important step for me. I am obsessed with the cut and the lights; I am convinced that after the shot it is necessary to “enter” and work from the inside. My photography must evocate first of all emotion to myself, not because I am selfish but because I am convinced that passion cannot exist without emotion and without passion a photographer could not evocate emotions.

Stefano Romor was born in Livorno in 1963. Currently, he lives and works in Milan.
Graduated in Political Science in 1988, he has always worked in the field of advertising and communication, firstly as art director and later as company manager.

Always been passionate about photography, Tuscan by birth and Milanese by fact, with a long experience in the world of advertising and communication.
“I am a great lover of black and white because it is full of atmosphere and retro charm” says Stefano talking about his love of black and white photography.

SCATTI PER BENE con Galleria Gederica Ghizzoni asta benefica, Sotheby’s, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia di Milano, Ottobre 2019
SCUSATE IL DISTURBO con Galleria Gederica Ghizzoni, asta benefica, a cura di R. Farinotti, PAC Milano, Ottobre 2019
OVER THE TOP, con Galleria Gederica Ghizzoni, mostra collettiva a Biciclette Art Gallery, Ottobre 2019
CICLISTI URBANI E ALTRI PERSONAGGI STRANI, con Galleria Gederica Ghizzoni, mostra personale a Biciclette Art Gallery, Settembre 2019